Our Communities

‘Today is going to be a good day’ has been a part of who we are since we first painted it on the front of the Spitalfields caf in 2011.


At first, they were just intended as ‘feel-good’ words to kick start your day. Then confusion ensued as people began to ask is ‘What is this ‘Good Day’ cafe on Artillery Lane?’


A good way to start your day or a misunderstanding - those words have come a long way since 2011. It’s now our frame of reference for everything we do. We believe it’s how we should treat everyone that comes into contact with The Breakfast Club.


It’s also the guiding principle behind our industry-leading community programme, something we are immensely proud of.


We don’t donate money. We donate time, space and skills.

Working directly with charities that are local to our cafs we find out what they need. Then, we set about doing it with them. That might be working with Age UK hosting get-togethers in the cafs for a cup of tea and a good old natter with elderly locals, or teaching recovering addicts some simple cooking skills.


Everyone at The Breakfast Club has the opportunity to volunteer with one of our local charities. Every year as a business we invest 1000s of hours to those local communities.

We’ve won a stack of awards (which is lovely) but that’s not why we do it. On every level, we are in the business of ‘taking care’ of people – whether it’s our customers or the communities we serve.