No Meat On Berwick St!

From January 2nd, our Soho Berwick St caf is going completely, not a pork sausage in sight, fully VEGGIE & VEGAN for Veganuary. Plating up all your go-to veggie & vegan favourites plus brand new V & VE friendly versions of classic BC dishes. All our other cafs will also carry a Veggie & Vegan Menu alongside their regular meaty menu, which will help make it easier to pick out one of our marvellous veggie & vegan dishes!

Click here to view our Veggie & Vegan Menu


We are a caf...


Not a cafe, not a shop, not a branch, not a unit, not a restaurant. Just a caf.


There was also a time they called us a hipster hangout but thankfully that was just a passing phase. We don’t profess to being cool, because we’re not.


We make comfort food.


We make warm fuzzy feeling in the pit of your stomach food. We make ‘is my gran in your kitchen?’ food. We make ‘3 star ethically sourced good for the planet’ food.


Everyone is welcome. Me, your mum, my grandad, your uncle Albert, little Jonnie and all our best pals. Everyone is welcome.


At one point we tried to save the world with varying degrees of success. But we’ll leave that to Greta as we feel she’s doing a much better job. We’ll stick to being a caf and supporting our local communities.


Release your inner cafness.