Opening late 2021

We are a caf...


Not a cafe, not a shop, not a branch, not a unit, not a restaurant. Just a caf.


There was also a time they called us a hipster hangout but thankfully that was just a passing phase. We don’t profess to being cool, because we’re not.


We make comfort food.


We make warm fuzzy feeling in the pit of your stomach food. We make ‘is my gran in your kitchen?’ food. We make ‘3 star ethically sourced good for the planet’ food.


Everyone is welcome. Me, your mum, my grandad, your uncle Albert, little Jonnie and all our best pals. Everyone is welcome.


At one point we tried to save the world with varying degrees of success. But we’ll leave that to Greta as we feel she’s doing a much better job. We’ll stick to being a caf and supporting our local communities.


Release your inner cafness.

Whether you come to eat and drink at The Breakfast Club or you want to join our team, all you need to know is everyone is welcome. We don’t profess to being cool because we’re not. We are your friendly, arms wide open, ‘come here! give me a hug’ neighbourhood caf. We trade in fuzzy glows.



This year we’ll be bringing that fuzzy glow to Chelmsford. We don’t take that responsibility lightly – we’ve got a reputation to build and your approval to earn. 



Building a rep takes exceptional people. The Breakfast Club Chelmsford is recruiting an opening team of superstars at all levels. The Front of House that bring the glow and the Back of House that cook the good mood ‘is my gran in your kitchen’ food that we’ve become famous for. 



Click here to see what jobs are on offer…