Life at The Breakfast Club

In 2020 the world closed down. We all took time away from our day to day and we got to thinking what was important.


We didn’t learn anything new from our enforced separation, we just got a heavy dose of clarity. Family, friendships and well being - there is nothing more important. We’re not here to compete with that, we’re here to support that.


When you get into work, what’s important? Our priority is each other - it always has been, we just never saw it so clearly. First and foremost we make sure today is a good day for each other. We have each others backs. Then, and only then, are we able to do right by our customers - wonderful food with an ‘arms wide open’ Breakfast Club welcome.


We may be a business of future rockstars, actors, producers, doctors, journalists, General Managers and Head Chefs. You may be with us for 3 months, you may be with us for 10 years. However long your stay with The Breakfast Club we will have your back and we will do everything we possibly can to make today and tomorrow a good day. So here’s a little something from us…

Something to work towards...


The Breakfast Club is a career and a place of opportunity. Yes - you may have stumbled into hospitality - didn’t everyone? But listen, hospitality is the world’s best kept secret.


We are extremely proud of promoting from within (90%+ of our senior cafe positions are occupied by people who have grown through the business) And there are numerous examples of people in head office roles who ‘stumbled’ into hospitality to become marketeers, board members, community champions and entrepreneurs.

Something to ‘ce-le-brate good times!’


- Our annual managers and head chef trips are the stuff of legend. Hey, sometimes things get tough and you get dragged to a 90s reunion weekend in Bognor Regis — but it’s not every weekend you get to see Chesney Hawkes live (look him up).



- Summer Slam - our annual Summer Sports Day. Sports ‘in an egg and spoon, huge bouncy castle’ kind of way.


- And finally, the greatest Christmas party in hospitality (which we actually throw at Christmas rather than February).

Something to run for…


When all the partying is done, we run. We believe your physical well being is as important as your mental.


The BC Track Club was formed in 2015 to provide everyone in the BC with an opportunity to access some life changing running challenges. We take teams from a standing start and with the help of some wonderful coaches, we get them to achieve things they never thought possible. Our teams have run marathons in the Arctic Circle and the Florida Keys. They’ve run a 100km in 1 day and 5 marathons in 5 days. We call it the ‘Beast’.


In the lockdown of 2020 The BC Track Club took a turn and it was no longer necessarily about taming the ‘Beast’. It became about being part of a BC community that helped each other run through the good times and the bad.


With regular social runs across our cafes The BC Track Club continues to this day. So whether you want to join us on an outrageous challenge or you just want a keep yourself fit with friends and colleagues, whatever your running ability, come join us at The BC Track Club. Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose (we stole that from Coach Taylor - if you know, you know).

Finally, something to believe in...


We want you to be proud of where you work. We’d like you to give something back. Hospitality is all about taking care of people - it’s in our blood. It’s why we place such importance on our community volunteering program.


During your time at the Breakfast Club you will be actively encouraged to play a role in your local communities through our volunteering program because ‘taking care of people’ is one of life’s great skills. We’ll support this - we’ll help you find the right opportunity and then we’ll pay you to do it. Rockstar fame and fortune might just be around the corner, but for now you’ll probably need all the cash you can get your hands on!


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