Battersea Rise

Breakfast Club Battersea Rise (& Shine) was our first caf south of the River. It’s a beauty (even if we do say so ourselves), having taken inspiration from a 50’s kitsch kitchen and an 80’s launderette. It’s also home to what we think is the worlds first Breakfast Pub…


020 7078 9630

The Breakfast Club
5-9 Battersea Rise,
SW11 1HG


The Breakfast Club Cafe 


Monday to Friday 

8am – 5.30pm

(kitchen closes at 4.30pm) 

Saturday to Sunday 

8am – 6pm

(kitchen closes at 5pm) 



The Breakfast Pub 


Sunday to Wednesday 

5pm – 10:30pm

(kitchen closes at 9:30pm) 


Thursday to Saturday 

5pm – 12am 

(kitchen closes at 10:30pm) 


To make a reservation for breakfast & lunch at The Breakfast Club or dinner & drinks at the worlds first Breakfast Pub, use the booking widget below & choose TBC Battersea as your location. 

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