The BC Quiz Chelmsford: The Simpsons



Are you a know-it-all like Lisa? A mad genius like Professor Frink? Or are you just an Exxxcellent quizzer? You’re in luck, it’s time for the Best. Quiz. EVER. The BC Quiz Night Chelmsford is BACK and this time, you guessed it! It’s 🎶Thhhe Simpsonsss🎶 themed!


Join us & our yellow cartoon friends in our yellow caf for an Unpossibly good night of quizzing. With prizes as big as Marge’s hair & more surprises than Who Shot Mr Burns Part II… you won’t want to miss it.  


Don’t fancy eating Bart’s shorts? Lunch Lady Doris not cooking up the goods? Good news! Our full brand new Lunch & Dinner (mmm, dinner) menu is available to order whilst you quiz! 


And… Ay Caramba! It’s all coming up Milhouse! Tickets are only a fiver! 


AND… as it’s a Thursday, go Bottomless like Barney would! No need to head to Moe’s…for only £25 add on Bottomless Boozy Nights with any main dish. Fill your shorts with bottomless prosecco, summer sangria, Aperol Spritz & draft beer (Duff beer not available).


Doh! Doors open at 7pm for quizzing!


All aboard the Springfield Monorail…. GET YOUR TICKETS HERE


From Springfield to Chelmsford, Evergreen Terrace to Moulsham Street, The Simpson’s couch to The Breakfast Club… see you there quizzers! 


Please note that no Krusty Burgers, Tomaccos, Gummi Venus di Milo’s, Ribwich’s, Lard Lad Donuts or Squishees will be available on the menu on the night 


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