We are incredibly excited to announce our Pancake Day offering for 2019. Our annual pancake day celebration is the biggest event in our year- all other occasions are small fry compared to this.


What’s more popular than pancake day food porn? In turns out actual porn is. Our 2017 Pancake Day was trending second highest on Twitter in London & second only to porn itsel- we’ll take that.

This years flippin’ fabulous specials take inspiration from legendary fast food giants & quintessential British & American sweet treat combos.

We’ll be plating up a stack that pays tribute to a legendary burger that celebrated its 50th birthday last year plus a spicy stack of pancakes that honours a Kentucky fried wonder. We don’t give a duck with this years vegan stack, inspired by a staple Chinese takeout dish – Crispy Duck Pancakes. For those with a sweet tooth we’re teasing your taste buds with a stack smothered in peanut butter, banana & jam. We’re also hoping to be the apple of your eye with a deep fried apple pancake pie drenched in custard.

Our pancake specials will be available from Pancake Day on the 5th of March until the 8th of March.

Our annual Pancake Challenge is also back again this year. 12 pancakes in 12 minutes or less. Win? The stack is on us. Lose? You pay & we’ll donate the profits to our volunteering program which supports local charities & communities.

Clear eyes, empty stomachs, can’t lose- you probably will!


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