Pancakes At Home: Easter Edition

Serves up to four people...



Life is like a box of pancakes...

Sometimes it feels like the odds are ‘stacked’ against you and you’re just going to ‘flip’ out, but listen - we’ve got you.

In this limited edition Easter edition of our yellow box of pancake-filled hope* you will find our top-secret chocolate pancake mix with enough batter to make pancakes for four people plus plenty of toppings. We suggest cooking up a batch of pancakes, before loading up with as many toppings as you fancy.

*One of the first ever reviews of The Breakfast Club referred to our caf as ‘a yellow beacon of pancake filled hope’. After the year we've all had, it feels we need that sentiment now more than ever. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for having us round to your place for pancakes.


What's in the box...

- Top secret chocolate pancake mix
- Estate Dairy double cream
- Vanilla essence
- Chocolate orange rocky road
- Lime & ginger cookie crumble
- Cadbury’s Mini Eggs
- Maple syrup
- A yellow beacons tea towel


Due to delivery restrictions over Easter, the last date for Easter kits to be delivered in time for the Easter weekend will be Thursday 1st April. For those of you in London we will be able to arrange pick-ups from our Hoxton caf on Good Friday. Please email if you'd like to place a pick-up order.

Our Pancakes At Home kits must be consumed within 48 hours of delivery. Please also refrigerate the contents of the kit as soon as it arrives.

All Pancakes At Home kits will be delivered on your chosen delivery date via a tracked DPD service. The delivery area for kits covers UK mainland only, with some exclusions in Scotland due to the transit time required.


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