The BC Quiz Chelmsford: Harry Potter



In need of a little Thursday night ✨magic✨? Are you a Quiz Wiz or just a know-it-all like Hermione Granger? 


Well you’re in Liquid Luck! We’re giving a warm welcome once again to The BC Quiz Night Chelmsford & this time, wands at the ready, you guessed it; this one’s ⚡️Harry Potter⚡️ themed!


McGonagall’s giving 10 points to Gryffindor, but how many will you score for your house? Prizes as big as Hagrid are up for grabs, but will you catch the Golden Snitch and take home the Quizzitch cup?


And…Merlin’s Beard! Tickets are only a fiver (only 1 Golden Galleon)! This includes shots as FREE as Dobby & more surprises than Snape’s storyline- you’d be a right Mundungus to miss it. Fancy a feast fit for the Great Hall? Our full brand new Lunch & Dinner menu is available to order whilst you quiz! 


AND… no Refilling Charm needed! As it’s Thursday, go as Bottomless as Neville! For only £25 (only 5 Golden Galleons!) add on Bottomless Boozy Nights with any main dish. Fill your boots/portkeys with bottomless prosecco, summer sangria, Aperol Spritz & draft beer (of the lager variety, not the butter kind). 


Dumble-doors open at 7pm for quizzing!


From the Cupboard Under the Stairs to Chelmsford, from Diagon Alley to Moulsham Street, from Hogwarts to The Breakfast Club…see you there, Quizzards!


*Please be advised no Norwegian Ridgebacks, mandrakes, boggarts or Dursleys will be permitted on the night.*


All aboard the Hogwarts Express… GET YOUR TICKETS HERE


🪄Mischief Managed🪄 


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