The BC Quiz Chelmsford: Friends Edition



🎶So no one told you… It’s time for The BC Quiz Night! We’re back with a bang (we were on a BREAK) at The Breakfast Club Chelmsford and, you guessed it, this one’s The One with the Friends theme! 


Do you know enough about Bing to win? Do you “I KNOW” as much as Monica? Are you a Central Perk expert or as competitive as Ross at Thanksgiving? 


AND… Oh. My. GOD. Tickets are only £5! Fancy some brekky with your quiz? Our full menu is available to order to your table (no Meat Trifle available). 


Quizzin’ starts at seven, seven, 7.00pm! Could we BE any more excited? 


Get your tickets here


See you there, friends!


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