No Meat on Berwick Street

The Breakfast Club has always been about good food for all. Secretly over the years we’ve been building up a wonderful veggie & vegan offer. It’s always been there, you just may not have noticed it. And in all honesty, we’ve never been that good at shouting about it. 


But this January, we’ve made a commitment to change that. We’ve made a commitment to all the veggies & vegans, new & old. We’ve made a commitment to shout it loud. And it all starts on the streets of Soho…



From January 2nd to January 31st, our Soho Berwick St caf is going completely, not a pork sausage in sight, fully VEGGIE & VEGAN for Veganuary. Plating up all your go-to veggie & vegan favourites plus brand new V & VE friendly versions of classic BC dishes. All using fantastic vegan sausages, bacon, burgers & chorizo (this one we make ourselves) from two new magnificent, award- winning vegan partners, La Vie & Redefine Meat.


All our other cafs will also carry a Veggie & Vegan Menu alongside their regular meaty menu, for January and beyond. We’ll not get all ‘Greta’ on you, but doing our bit for the planet is not just for January.


Here’s to Veganuary… here’s to good food for all! 


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